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Why are you calling me?

Who are you?

VuPoint Research is a full-service market research firm headquartered in Portland, OR. To put it succinctly, we gather information from people for research purposes.

Why did you call me?

VuPoint conducts market research for many different clients and companies. We have no products or services to sell you, nor do we sell anything on behalf of our clients. Companies and individuals hire us just to gather opinions from people like you. Sometimes this is in the form of a survey, and often it is to recruit you to participate in an in-person research engagement, which is typically compensated.

I'm on the National Do Not Call Registry. Doesn't that mean anything?

The products you purchase, the services available to you, and even the propositions and candidates that you choose during an election all depend upon market research. Recognizing the importance of this, the government exempted the market research industry from the National Do Not Call Registry. However, we do maintain our own internal "Do Not Call" list for those who choose to not have their opinions counted.

Why do I get multiple calls from you?

We believe the best decisions can be made only when we've gathered the opinions of the most diverse group possible. Sometimes this means that we need to work harder to reach certain participants whose opinions might otherwise not be included. We can even put your number on our internal "Do Not Call" list. If you'd rather not be contacted, just let us know when we call.

How did you get my number?

It depends on the type of research we’re doing. For example:
  • If you opted in to our Research Community in the past, we may be using the contact information you provided.
  • If a company you’ve done business with wants to conduct research about their products or services, that business may provide us with a list of their customers.
  • If we're doing a political survey in which we're trying to reach likely voters, we may use information from public voter rolls.
  • For a community issues study, we may use telephone directories.
  • For some surveys with rigorous methodological protocols for governmental or academic institutions, we may even use lists of randomly-generated phone numbers.

Why do you sometimes ask for a particular gender or age group when you call?

Our research requires us to find a representative sampling of various demographic attributes. When we are finishing up a study, it's not uncommon for us to ask up front for a particular demographic. It's really just a method to help us respect your valuable time.

Being a research participant sounds interesting – I’d like to learn more!

What types of studies do you conduct?

As one of the largest and most-trusted research firms in the region, we routinely conduct studies around the world on a widely varied array of topics. From consumer shopping studies, to taste-tests, to product evaluations among IT Professionals – we’ve covered it all.

What will my participation entail?

Focus groups and one-on-one interviews are great ways for people to voice their opinions about products and services. A focus group is typically an informal discussion group with 6 to 12 “real-world” people. They are facilitated by a moderator to ensure all topics are covered, but most of the talking will be done by the participants in the room. One-on-one interviews are just like they sound—instead of collaborating with other participants, you will be speaking live with one of our researchers. This can be done in person, online, or over the phone.

What’s in it for me?

We do our best to keep the research experience as enjoyable as possible for our participants. We serve refreshments at most in-person sessions, and usually compensate participants financially at the study’s conclusion. Occasionally we conduct uncompensated opinion research by phone or online, but with every study, you have the opportunity to have a direct impact on products and services being developed or updated, or sometimes even on matters of public policy.

I have a lot of opinions, but I’m not really an expert in anything. Will these discussions be over my head?

We carefully screen for each study to ensure we’re getting the appropriate types of participants. Just be honest when you answer the questions, and you’ll be fine. You can relax! All of our discussion sessions are casual and informal. The majority of our participants find them to be enjoyable and informative.

I answered your questions, so why wasn’t I invited to actually participate in the research?

Respondents are carefully selected based on each project’s specific screening criteria. Sometimes we need a very general mix of people; other times we need users of specific products, or are limited to specific ages or genders. Many times, a potential participant won’t meet all the criteria and we can’t invite them. However, we always encourage those we speak with to register on our website to be included in our panel of respondents (aka the VuPoint Research Community) in order to be considered for future projects.

I was placed on “hold” status. What does that mean?

In some cases, you might almost, but not quite, qualify completely for a study, or you may qualify for a category that is already full. In those situations, we place willing respondents “on hold,” with the expectation that we may call them back if parameters change or someone else cancels. If you do not hear back from us, that means neither of those situations occurred. We’ll call back those on hold when we have an opening.

I already was recruited, but I still have questions.

I was told I was invited, but I never received my confirmation letter.

The first thing we recommend is that you check your spam filter, as sometimes confirmation letters end up there. Look for an email from someone at If you still can’t find it, give us a call at the contact info below.

Help! I couldn’t find a babysitter! What should I do?

In most situations, we do not have accommodations for relatives or friends, including children. Of course, there are sometimes exceptions to this rule. Please call us at 888.882.3799 to check, but be prepared that this might mean cancelling your obligation to us.

Participating in that research project was fun! When can I do it again?

Typically, we require a minimum three-month window between engagements, with some exceptions. This is to ensure the same people aren’t being picked for research every time we have a study. If you haven’t heard from us in a while, it’s likely because we don’t have a current study with parameters well-matched to your profile.

What is the VuPoint Research Community? Am I signed up for that?

The VuPoint Research Community is a group of past and prospective research participants who have requested to be considered for future research opportunities. Members complete a short profiling questionnaire to help us match them with available projects, and let us know the best ways to contact them. Please visit here to sign up or to check whether you’re already a member.

I have friends and family who also may be interested. Can they participate as well?

Unless the client sets up special parameters, we cannot allow people who know each other to participate in the same study. However, we’re always looking to grow our Research Community with interested, engaged participants. Just send your friends and family here to our website, or to our Facebook page, and they can sign up for our Research Community there.